What is iArch-U?

Uncertainty can appear in all aspects of software development: uncertainty in requirements analysis, design decisions, implementation and testing. As the research on uncertainty is so young, there are many issues to be tackled. Modularity for uncertainty is one of them. If uncertainty can be dealt with modularly, we can add or delete uncertain concerns to/from models, code and tests whenever these concerns arise or are fixed to certain concerns.

The iArch-U Integrated Development Environment (IDE) has been developed for that purpose. iArch-U supports development with uncertainty management using interface component called Archface-U. Archface-U is a new interface designed to enable continuous development with ensuring traceability between software design and implementation. It is an interface between UML models and Java code described on the iArch-U IDE.

iArch-U also has modelling and coding features which facilitate design and implementation involving uncertainty. iArch-U is an Eclipse plug-in, so you can view and edit project assets within an environment tightly integrated with Eclipse. It also has testing support and model inspection features for testing the software with uncertainty.

For detailed information, please refer to the documentation. For basic usage of iArch-U, please see the tutorials.

System requirements

Also, if you would like to use Testing Support function, please install below.

These requirements are not strict. You might be able to run iArch-U with older versions of middleware and/or libraries.


  1. Download the iArch-U package archive.
  2. Expand the archive and copy expanded plugins directory into Eclipse plugin directory.
    • We recommend that you use not installer but archive(zip or tar) in Eclipse installation process. If you did so, you can find plugins directory in the following steps.
    • The location where eclipse.exe exists (Windows)
    • Right click Eclipse.app, choice “Show Package Contents”, and move into Contants/Eclipse/ (OSX)
  3. Start Eclipse.
  4. Select Help -> Install New Software
    • Install Graphiti SDK Plus and Xtext Complete SDK plug-ins from the Eclipse official site.
    • If you use Testing Support function, also install development builds of AspectJ Development Tools from the update URL shown here.
  5. Restart Eclipse.


iArch-U is distributed under EPL - Eclipse Public License v 1.0